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The Consular Spouses of Shanghai (CSS) was established in May 1995 and all diplomatic spouses, partners and female consular officers in Shanghai are eligible for membership. The network’s main objectives are to encourage friendship and understanding between members, to promote cultural and social exchange with our host city, Shanghai and host country, China, and to give something back to our community.
CSS holds monthly luncheons, coffee mornings and organizes various cultural visits in the city. There are around 75 Consulate Generals in Shanghai and we hope to reach out to as many as possible. New members immediately become part of a diverse, yet like-minded group and benefit from the CSS support network that provides information and help with settling down in Shanghai. CSS works closely with the Shanghai Women’s Federation and the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office. These organizations provide assistance in organizing social, cultural and charity events through major institutions such as the Shanghai Charity Foundation.


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