December 9, 2014

9december2014CSS members had a full morning as they met in the Chang Feng district main officers for a presentation of this newly developed area. We had a bus tour of the district and stopped off at the Spark Museum which houses thousands of matchbox covers donated from a private collector. It is close to the sight of a former match factory that was based by the creek. We then took a boat cruise along the creek with a commentary on interesting areas and refreshments. This used to be an important busy trading waterway. At the end of the cruise we visited the M50 art district and had a whirlwind tour of some of the galleries and latest exhibitions of diverse talent. It was a very interesting morning to see parts of Shanghai that we may not be aware of.

December 2, 2014

Doctor Trina Lion from Humanity Hospital gave an interesting lecture about the importance of be aware of our daily unhealthy habits, and make a conscious commitment to change them. Also she talked about the importance of taking care of our emotional wellbeing. We learned and practice some breathing exercises to help to cope with daily stress.

November 28 2014

Several CSS members and their families attended the Hilton Hotel’s annual festivities to see the official lighting of the Christmas tree and train. Guests had the chance to make a wish on the Christmas wish ball and contribute to a charitable cause.

November 18, 2014

CSS members were invited by NuoMi shop and Hola China magazine to spend the morning at the store, Nuomi. The women’s clothing boutique has a responsible, charitable approach to helping disadvantaged adults and employs several to help create their beautiful garments. They are produced locally, mainly in silk, cashmere, wool and bamboo and combine eastern and western influences. We could try on the clothes, shop and had some fun taking turns styling different outfits with fashion tips.

November 17 2014

17november2014The Governor of Saga Prefecture in Japan, Mr. Yasushi Furukawa and the Japanese Consulate in Shanghai hosted a beautiful lunch at the Japanese restaurant in the historic Mansion House Hotel in Puxi on 18 November. The occasion was to promote the region of Saga in Japan, which is in the South West and boasts beautiful countryside, hot springs, delicious food and unique culture. As Spring Airlines now fly directly from Shanghai three times a week with just a 90 minute flight, it is a tempting option for a short getaway. CSS members were treated to a delicious meal of many courses and featuring plenty of seafood. Mr. Furukawa gave us a presentation on Saga and the region and we had an opportunity to ask questions. CSS wish to thank to Mr. Isamu Ishikawa from Japanese Consulate in Shanghai and Saga Prefecture in Japan and are sure that the event has enlightened many members to consider a visit to Saga.

November 11, 2014

CSS was invited to be part in the celebration of the 11th anniversary of Cere Care, where we received a kind acknowledgement of the support we have done to this organization through the donation of 150.000 rmb this year.