Wet Market Tour – 25 October 2016

On 25 October 2016 we were kindly invited by Mrs Peichin He, Spouse of the Deputy Consul General of Germany to join her on a walk to the wet market. We gathered a little earlier than usual and went into the nicely arranged market. We made a big tour around while Peipei was teaching us so many interesting things about Chinese food and its flavours, what and from whom to buy meat, seafood, eggs, tofu, fresh vegetables and so on.

With hands full of fresh excellent yet cheap ingredients we went back to Peipei’s home, there she showed us her real skills as a chef! With the help of Mario and Ivano serving as su-chefs, she cooked rapidly and beautifully everything we bought and presented it on the table. Each one of us created our own fresh spring rolls using the excellently cooked meat and vegetables, it was so incredibly tasty! Something about the mixture of the flavours made the food irresistible.

Thank you Peipei for a great morning, sharing your knowledge with us and all the good tips!!!

Consular Spouses Shanghai