Aurora Museum – 2 November 2016

On 2 November 2016 Mrs Pei-chin “Peipei” He kindly organized for CSS members to pay a visit to the beautiful Aurora Museum.

We were warmly received by Peipei’s good friend, Mrs. Joy Lai, the museum director and her staff. The museum is located along the Huangpu river on the Pudong side with the most breathtaking view!

It is a small, quite and beautifully designed museum. So immaculate and serene, this museum displays a private collection of very precious and unique items.

As we toured around this impressive archeological collection, we learned so much about the rich Chinese heritage and culture. Each floor of the museum is dedicated to one kind of article. There’s a floor dedicated to porcelain, a floor dedicated to buddha statues, a floor dedicated to Jade jewelery and jars etc. It was a morning very well spent!!!

Once again, we are grateful to Mrs Pei-chin He and Mrs Joy Lai and her staff for organising such an enlightening and insightful visit!

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