Jewish Refugee Museum and Jewish District – 25 November 2016

During the Second World War 30,000 Jews sought their refugee in Shanghai where they survived with the help of the Shanghainese people. The Foreign Ministry and the Hongkou District invited us to visit the Jewish Refugees Museum and the former Jewish district, called “Little Vienna”. Despite little means, the fled Jewish managed to set up schools and shops for their daily needs. The Sasoon family, a rich Shanghainese-Jewish family was kind enough to donate a synagogue “Ohel Moshe” for the community to come together.


The museum is very well presented. It is well documented and it commemorates with honor this harsh and difficult period in the Ghetto. Through photographs, films and personal items it enables the visitor to re-live the story of the refugees in those days.

Down to the Sea temple

We then went to visit a beautiful temple near by: Xiahai Temple which means Down to the Sea, as it is located by the Pu river. One of the indwelling nuns told us about the life inside the temple. Only female nuns are allowed only and all are strict vegetarian. To experience their life we had avegetarian lunch at the temple’s restaurant, which was very tasty.

Later on we went to visit the JIC innovative new book store. A very unique place, selling interesting Chinese books with 2 cafes facing the Pu river.

The Foreign Ministry gave all CSS member a beautiful colorful scarve decorated with Shanghai’s scenery as a sweet memory of this special day, which were accepted with gratitude. We also thank Mrs. Amy Liao from FM for organizing this impressive tour so perfectly well.

Consular Spouses Shanghai