Photo Gallery – 2019

CSS Experienced the Japanese Traditional Crafts –  Kyoto Traditional Dyeing and Weaving Exhibition

Wonderful Italian Cooking Class at the Residence of Sihem Checci- the Spouse of the Consul General of Italy in Shanghai

Visit of the Consular Spouses Shanghai Families to the Florentia Village

Informative Lecture at the China Art Museum delivered by Professor Julie Chun

Art Talk Delivered by Raffaella Gallo

CSS Trip to the Shanghai Village

New CSS 2019-20 Season Opening on the Rooftop of the Edition Shanghai

The Annual Coffee to Celebrate the End of the Season 2018-19

Joint Celebration of the International Day of Families by the CSS, Shanghai Socialite Ladies Club and Noahs Club

CSS Visited Shanghai Botanical Garden

CSS Visit to the Spring Carnival at Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten

The Annual Cultural Event “Movie of Love” Jointly Organized by the Shanghai Women’s Federation and CSS in Occasion of Celebration of the International Women’s Day 2019

Joint Celebration of the Chinese New Year by CSS and Huamei Hospital

Joint Celebration of the Chinese New Year by CSS and Shanghai Socialite Ladies Club







Consular Spouses Shanghai