Photo Gallery – 2020

CSS celebrated its 25th Anniversary with  our long-standing friends Shanghai Women’s Federation and Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office

Private visit of the exhibition of  “The Wisdom of Post Collectivism”, in presence of the artists Orlando  Daga and Redic

Art talk by Italian collector Rafaella Gallo

CSS is invited to the private cocktail and visit the exhibition of Entropy at ArtCN

Comprehensive and interesting walking tour with Historic Shanghai – “The Three Cities of Old Shanghai”

Coffee Morning for CSS in Hellas House

Marvelous Trip of the CSS Families to the Chongming Island, kindly organized by Shanghai Women’s Federation and Hosted by the Chongming Island Government

Consular Spouses Shanghai Opened a new 2020-2021 Season

Exquisite Lecture at ’T’ou-se-we Museum by a Great Friend of CSS 

Remarkable Lecture by Professor Julie Chun in the Cheng Shifa Museum

CSS’s Reunion after the COVID-19 Crisis

Consular Spouses Shanghai