Past Cultural and Charity events organised or supported by CCS

Past Cultural and Charity events organised or supported by CSS

Movie of Love – “The Taste of Rice Flower”

On March 4th, 2019,The Consular Spouses Shanghai in collaboration with Shanghai Women’s Federation (SWF) hosted a movie exposition for “The Taste of the Rice Flower” produced by Peng Fei, and dedicated to the celebration of the International Women’s day.  Afterwards, the “Movie and Women” discussion panel had been hosted, which was focused on the main theme of the celebration –  “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”, as well as innovative ways in which we can advance gender equality, and the empowerment of women.

2018 Annual Charity Fundraising Event

“Costume of Love – Celebration of March 8th International Women’s Day”

On March 9, 2018, The Consular Spouses Shanghai, Shanghai Women’s Federation (SWF), Shanghai Children’s Foundation (SCF) hosted together a celebration to mark the International Women’s Day. There were more than 300 distinguished guests from local communities and diplomat families. During the cultural performance, the ancient Chinese customs were presented by Shanghai Han Wei Yang Traditional Art Promotion Center as well as Qipao dance & Qipao demonstration shown by consular spouses in Shanghai and Shanghai Municipal Kindergarten. The raised donations ( more than 500,000 RMB) were aimed to support children with heart diseases in Yun Nan Province and university students who are unable to pay their tuition fees.

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CSS Annual Fundraiser 2016

In 2016 the theme is Charity Begins At Home- My Home Is Your Home. On Saturday 12 March CSS and SWF will invite local communities to take part in a charity market of homewares at the Himalaya Center, Pudong. There will be different home items on sale, live entertainment and charity presentations. There will be an auction of luxury home items, tourism packages and exclusive dining in the Jumeirah Hotel for VIP guests. Money raised will go to local charities through Shanghai Charities Foundation.

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Charities we are supporting for 2015 -2016

Shanghai Sunrise

img_8911Shanghai Sunrise has been supported by CSS for several years. It financially assists students to complete high school and university education by paying the fees in full when families may not otherwise have the means to do so. Shanghai Sunrise identifies suitable students for the programme by visiting their homes and conducting interviews. From 2015, CSS is supporting 8 university students for the next four years. CSS and SWF members attended a pairing ceremony at the beginning of term so that sponsors and students could meet. Shanghai Sunrise provide a follow up of the students including progress reports, personal letters from the students, a chance to meet the students and families and future information following graduation. Over the next few years, we hope to be in touch with our students and watch how they gain confidence and knowledge during their university life.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones aims to improve the education and welfare of disadvantaged children in China. This is achieved mainly through training volunteers to teach English to children of migrant workers in migrant schools and community centers across China. Stepping Stones volunteers have identified vision problems among some of the students and so the charity began their iCare programme. This helps to test and provide spectacles and eye surgery to migrant children as well as educate teachers and families about good eye care practices. CSS is sponsoring a Stepping Stones iCare programme in Shanghai for one year.


HeArts is a Chinese charity supported by the Shanghai Charity Foundation. It runs projects for people with special needs and their families within their own neighborhoods which are convenient to attend and can involve the community. The projects involve teaching through art classes that can help special needs students to express themselves and interact with others. With training and support from heArts the communities are encouraged to eventually take over the project and continue the work themselves. Teachers are usually Chinese volunteer art students, interested in helping the local community. For one year CSS have committed to supporting HeArts art classes for special needs children at Pudong Special School.

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